Here is what else you get

Time Capture

Equip your employees with the tools they need to safeguard their health. At the same time, track their working hours and time off so that you know who is doing what.

Safety First

Our data platform captures health data as well. Syncing up with the cloud, it works in conjunction with your timesheets for faster payroll and a safer workplace.


Our system is so seamless that your employees won't even notice they are doing it. Capture time accurately without relying on multiple apps.

Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom life

Daily clock-ins and clock-outs capture data automatically. This will keep your employees and your customers safe by informing you where everyone is at all times.

Seamless Sign-in Kiosk

The Kiosk app captures time and health, updating the dashboard and alerting you any time there is a clock-in that does not meet health criteria.

Clear Summary

Check out your summary every day, verifying the timesheets and the payroll without spending too much time on these administrative tasks.

Payroll Reporting

Click one button to send your reports to your CPA or preferred payroll vendor. This is faster and more efficient than the traditional means of reporting payroll.

One-Button Actions

Add timecards, edit timecards, add notes, and add paid holidays, each through a single button.

Capture health and time, and empower your employees.

Empower your employees and optimize your business. It only takes minutes. Get started now!