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On Bindr.AI, we have made it simple for you to find the right apps, onboard your team, stop wasting time on data entry, go paperless, and more. Our comprehensive platform is opening the door to a new perspective of automated, digital workflows.

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Before Bindr.AI

You went into business because of what you thought it could do for your life. The last thing that you wanted was to see it take over your life. That is what happens to almost everyone, though. Sooner or later, the thrill of the launch fades away, giving way to exhaustion and sacrifice. There are too many tasks to fit into one day, and on top of the work itself, you need to think about administrative and background work. When you go looking for a solution to this problem, you feel optimistic. Then you realize that you need multiple apps, which work together poorly and overlap each other, to do all of the things that you need to do.

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After Bindr.AI

Bindr.AI changes all of that. Using this all-in-one platform, you can see past the mundane and the everyday. Data entry stops eating up all of your time. Rather than hopping from one app to the next, you can get real work done. Our users get to let go and focus on the things that matter most to them, like expanding their businesses and spending time with their families. We free you from the shackles that have kept you locked to your desk for too long already. From payroll processing to quality management we cover all applications and provide you with full automation. Every task, all in one place, and on your own terms: that is the Bindr.AI promise.

Easy to Integrate, for a Fast and Significant Impact on Your Business

To get started, all you need to do is sign up. Bindr.AI requires no plugins and no outside integrations. We care so much about making this process straightforward and simple for you that we have even designed Bindr.AI to work cleanly with any of the tools that are currently your favorites. That way, if you decide that you want to create your own hybrid set of tools, you can.

Companies work stronger when they trust Bindr.AI.

Our users are healthcare providers, doctors, dentists, accountants, CPAs, insurance, finance, services, hospitality, warehouses downtown floor shops restaurant owners, shop owners, and other business owners you may find on "Main Street" or in a downtown area. They hail from every sector, and they work in every location. Their commonality is that they have chosen to simplify their work, adopting Bindr.AI to fundamentally improve their operational efficiency.

Use Bindr.AI and transform your company!

From many tasks, one approach.

It is especially challenging to find the right solution when there are so many options available to you. The social media marketing is real: everyone claims they can do it all. Then, you realize they are offering closed systems, disconnected data, and difficult migrations – in short, headache after headache.


Putting it all together on Bindr.AI, you'll see how simple your workday can become. We empower you to oversee your people, processes, and customers. This way, both you and your team can take charge of your business and make a real impact. This is the smart and modern approach to solving business problems.


Here is how Bindr.AI works for you

Learn more and see why hundreds of businesses have trusted Bindr.AI already. Our all-in-one platform simplifies all of your tasks, through a growing assortment of apps. We have also streamlined them for you, putting them in a single process to make your role easy.

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Use one sign-on credential to get into the data platform and all your apps. You can opt for either Google SSO or your single sign-on user credentials

All data comes from a single source on Bindr.AI, and we work hard to keep it safe. That means you are all set to share with every app you use.

In our app store, both our internal team and third-party developers can introduce other apps, affording users even more opportunities to simplify and optimize.

Through Bindr.AI, you get access to insights gleaned through our AI engine, which will also send you alerts about the things you need to know, without any outside communication or secondary apps.

You don't have the time to change systems to get a feature or two updated. Bindr.AI evolves continuously, improving and adding more apps for you.

Bindr.AI works in the background to gather all the input data for you. You can leave all your data entry and data forms behind you – permanently. From here on out, all of your data is in a single, digital location.

Put your employees in control via our self-service portals. Bindr.AI is so smooth and intuitive that anyone can work their way through it.

Your data is safe and secure with us.

At Bindr.AI, we take privacy very seriously.

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Our top priority is keeping your data secure, which is why we store your information encrypted in the cloud. Your privacy is at the core of Bindr.AI. We never overlook any details.

Redefine your relationship with data on Bindr.AI!

Read about our Data Protection & Privacy Policy

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