What can Bindr.AI do?

On our data platform, you can tap into a single platform for all of your administrative needs. Check out these apps to understand what Bindr.AI can do for you!

Safety and Health

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, take charge and help your team and your customers stay healthy. This is the preventative strategy for keeping your workplace healthy. You will also know if someone does not meet your criteria.

Schedules and Timesheets

Set up your employees' schedules and then track working hours. These reports can also link directly to your payroll providers. Remember – this is an all-in-one data platform!

Form and e-Signature

Save yourself the headache of endless paperwork and signing and re-signing forms. Our digital forms and e-signature enable you and your employees to stay in compliance from onboarding onward.

Customizable Questionnaire

You can launch a questionnaire with a list of our default questions or add in questions of your own. Then, everything syncs up via the cloud instantly so that you can get to know your employees.

Analytics and Reporting

Run reports across multiple locations, gleaning insights into your business. This is the fast, efficient, and intelligent way to stay ahead of your competition.

Self Service

Your employees can manage their own profiles on your data platform so that you can stop walking them through everything.


Managing tasks easier. Easily add tasks, assign, set due-dates and reminders to your day to work. Your work organized even further.

Across All Your Locations

You can add all your locations to Bindr.AI, managing them in one place and making changes to your setup with a single click.

How Does Bindr.AI Help ?

In addition to understanding the features, you also need to understand how Bindr.AI is working for you. We have simplified all your apps you use to run your business through our single platform, which features a growing number of apps all in one place. We have also simplified them by putting them into a streamlined process that draws from a single source.

Single Sign-on

Everything starts with a single username. No more forgotten username(s) and passwords. Your single sign-on connects all apps.

Enter your Data

You can leave data forms behind you – permanently. From here on out, all of your data is a single, digital location.

Share securely

You can count on the data on Bindr.AI because it is from a single source and because we work to keep it safe.

Leverage the data

Everything that you need to oversee your tasks is in one place, eliminating all of the other apps that you may have been using.

Stay updated

Bindr.AI will afford you access to insights gleaned through our AI engine and send you alerts about things you need to know.

Put your employees in control

Because Bindr.AI is so smooth and intuitive, anyone can work their way through it.

Bindr.AI is accessible to you

We have priced our data platform simply and affordable so that you can get started today.
Other teams have already seen how our all-in-one data platform can make a difference.
Pick a plan that fits your needs!


For the simplest, easiest-to-start

Free forever
Upto 10 users

  • Includes 10 users for free. Additional users will be billed at $3 monthly.
  • Self-service Kiosk App
  • Health tracking, reports, dashboard, alerts, and actions
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More comprehensive but still very

Per user, per month billed annually
$7 per user billed monthly

  • All features included in Basic plus
  • Timesheet with fancy reporting and integration
  • Self-service accounts for your employees
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Get the best coverage

Per user, per month billed annually
$12 per user billed monthly

  • All features included in Essential plus
  • Electronic document generation, signature, compliance dashboard
  • Manage Tasks from one place
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Get the best coverage available!

Whichever plan you choose, Bindr.AI will be there to support you, empowering you and liberating you to get back to entrepreneurship and leave all that administrative work behind you.

Our app means that everyone can use Bindr.AI simultaneously, your data syncing to the cloud. You will also know whenever anyone is out of compliance with anything, preventing issues from becoming problems.

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