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We are liberating businesses from time-wasting tasks and empowering proper, sustainable focus.

They have seen the challenges in running a small business

You know that to grow and thrive, you need to focus on your customers and your growth opportunities. Still, you find yourself stuck trying to make your way through administrative work. A web-based platform, Bindr.AI, maintains your data, integrates your systems, and automates your personnel management so that you can wake up in the morning feeling energized and eager to work! A suite of small business software that works together! It’s the all-in-one solution(small business software) you need to start loving your business again.

Making the Mundane Magical

In an era of stunning technological advances, the tools that help the workplace run have fallen behind. Businesses have to figure out multiple apps, spending hours navigating them all. This is never easy. We have been there ourselves. Our founders are technologists, small business owners, and user experience specialists. They have seen the challenges inherent to running a business and getting everything functional enough to start expanding.

From what they had seen, they began to imagine some ideas for software (small business software) that they would like to have. They have imagined a small business software-based affordable platform that integrates with your other tools and evolves with limitless possibilities, all to make your life easier! A refined task management app to serve as a portal to everything they have on

The values that drive us are clarity and focus. Meanwhile, our vision comes down to three things:

Empathize with businesses.
Do great things more quickly.
Create time for you to live and play.
Get Smart, Get Bindr

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