Know someone else who would thrive on Bindr.AI? Refer them and earn!


Invite a friend to Bindr.AI. Every time you do, you will get $10 towards your subscription payment.

If you invite three friends who join on a paid account, you'll also get a free Digital Transformation whitepaper!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Bindr.AI customer with a paid account can participate in the Referral Program. Don't have an account?

Set up One here

Log in to your account and navigate to the Refer a Friend area

Unfortunately, this offer is not retroactive. If you referred friends before we made this offer, you'd need to invite another three or more paid accounts to get more rewards.

You can get a maximum of $500 worth of credits per year, regardless of how many people you refer.

You can always refer as many as you like! There's no limit on that, but there is a cap on how many credits you can receive each year.

Once three of your referrals become paid users, it may take up to thirty days for verification, after which we will send you your whitepaper via e-mail.

Go to the Refer a Friend area in your account and click Redeem Credits. We will then apply your credits to your next bill.

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