Build with Bindr.AI Platform - the Developer Platform Built by Developers.

Extend and integrate existing applications or build something brand new. Equipped with the power of the Bindr.AI toolkit, you can then sell them on our platform.

Join the Bindr.AI Developer Program to reach customers around the world on the Bindr.AI Marketplace, if you are someone who is obsessed with small businesses and are ready to make a difference with small business software. This is a first-of-its-kind storefront for small business software.

  • We offer freedom from corporate work
  • We help you show off your skills and creativity
  • You can travel the world, live your life, code, and get paid.
  • We believe, as you do, in adding value to partners and clients..

  • Master the Bindr.AI Platform.
  • Identify a problem that a small business would face.
  • Create an application to solve that problem.
  • Submit your application to Bindr.AI Marketplace for approval.
  • Get listed and then get paid for every download.
Here is what you get with your developer package

Access to the Bindr.AI Developer Portal.

Subscription to the Analytics Page.

Top-quality, cutting-edge APIs and SDKs.

Promotion on Bindr.AI Marketplace, upon approval.

Right now, we are looking to work with the best. That is why we are onboarding a few developers who share our vision of outstanding experiences on Bindr.AI. Sign up below to get a notification when the next batch is enrolling. Note that the earlier you join, the better your chances of acceptance will be. The first 100 developers will get exclusive access to small business problems and their feedback, providing invaluable guidance as you start building and make your name on Bindr.AI.

Let's build together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every app that matches the search criteria will appear to prospective customers. We do not offer paid listings, treating every app and every developer equally.

At the time of enrollment, you will provide your deposit account information. Bindr Inc will directly deposit subscription collections to the account the first week of every month.

To support developers and keep the platform operational, Bindr.AI retains 30% of the subscription revenue.

Bindr.AI assumes no responsibility. All intellectual property belongs to the developer. It is the developer's responsibility to ensure applicable patent protection.

Absolutely. We believe in competition. May the best app win. We even encourage multiple solutions for every problem so that our customers have options.

Many of our developers support at least three apps. No limits. Let's see what you can do!

Yes. We only approve apps that are in line with our vision for a safe, secure, productive environment on Bindr.AI. If you are uncertain about anything, you can request feedback before you start building an app.

We encourage developers to focus on one specific problem, develop an app, and follow the platform guidelines. If you have suggestions to improve the policies, please send a message to We will promptly and carefully review all of your feedback.

You can choose anything you wish. For example, we offer a range of apps that can create a workforce management system, performance management system, bonus management system, etc for your small business.

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