7 Bindr.AI tips and tricks to power up your small business!


Right from the beginning, the features on Bindr will include everything that we know small businesses need. You can setup locations, manage people, ensure compliance and pay your employees as one coherent suite of tools for people management.

Bindr.AI is crafted with your experience in mind. It is an all-in system set up to fundamentally reset how you manage your business. 

So, get ready to harness the power of bindr.AI 

1. Set up your locations

Bindr.AI is built to scale. Most of our customers start with one or few locations and add additional locations easily. Our location app allows you to delegate access to a manager or a leader responsible for the location; the location manager will be able to see all the data belongs to that specific location and its people making it easy to scale.  You can monitor health and safety of all your locations from one dashboard and run reports across all your locations or drill down to a specific location of concern. 

2. Full life cycle people management 

Onboarding employees and contractors is simple as a button click. Go to employees apps/tab. Select ad employee, add their email and delegate the rest to your employee. You employee will get a sign-up link. They can input the remaining employee data such as address, contact numbers, emergency contacts etc. You will be able to monitor who signed up successfully. If any issues with singing up and onboarding, you will simple able to reinvite them. Your location manager can help without having to rely on a central administrator. 

3. Activate self service

At the heart of Bindr.AI is the employee self-service; It engages employees wherever possible making it easy for businesses to collect data going paperless and eliminating manual entry.  At the same time, your people are empowered to access their data as they wish. Go to employee’s tab, select the employee, and simply invite your employee to get started. You employee will sign up and provide additional data about them, start access the data pertinent to them. The cool thing is that you will be able to control what you want them to access.

4. Sync apps instantly 

Adding or changing apps is a breeze on Bindr.AI. You choose the apps you like, subcribe to those either directly on your portal via the profile/subscription tab or from our marketplace on the website. Apps subscribed will automatically pull your data without you having to re-enter any existing data. Your chosen apps will be activate and fully functional instantly. Bindr.AI single data source and automation puts technology to work and save you time. You never have to worry about copying over data, DIY integration, and trial & errors.

5. Embrace smart Tasks

Tasks allows you get organized and feel calmer and more confident knowing that everything is under control. Bindr.AI tasks app is not a simple to-do list while it does allow you to manage to-do list, it is a get way and a dashboard to manage all your apps and engage with Bindr.AI as one single system. This is crucial to get the best out of bindr.AI. You can let go off skimming through all your apps periodically and engage on actions tasks ap presents to you. Tasks ensures all actions, approvals, reminders presented as a single pane of glass, and across your locations. 

6. Approve/Deny/ Audit

A consistent way to engage data collection ensures your data is curated. All apps use a similar mechanism to collect data seeking approval while maintaining the history of actions takes. From timesheets, time off to expense report, you will be notified when something changes and upon approval, you data is committed to the database. Since all action are saved as a timeline, you can ensure compliance is working 24/7 and you go back and audit timelines incase an issue arise or investigate something disputed. 

7. Take the help 

Bindr.AI is setup to give you the help instantly so never have to sit on phone calls or wait for emails responses. Bindr.AI provides contextual help for every app. If you are not sure how to do something on a given app, simply clikc the help button at the bottom right corner. The helper will give you a quick tips as to how to use the app. If something is still not clear, you can post on our community forum and get notified when an answer is given. In most cases, an answer is either already discussed in the forum earlier or a new question is answered quickly.

Your digital transformation done the right way! 

Reclaim your independence. Take back your life. It is possible to follow your passion and to strike out on your own in the marketplace without falling into all of the traps and pitfalls that are so common there. This is our philosophy at Bindr. AI, and we are making it happen, one small business at a time.

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