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$10 per user, per month, billed annually or $12 per user billed monthly

Always in Compliance

Our data platform sets you free from the forms you usually need to pour over multiple times per year. You now have a ready made performance management system right at your fingertips! It’s all digital now, and it’s all that simple.

All features included in plus

Electronic document generation, signature

Compliance dashboard managed tasks from one place

Go Paperless

From onboarding onward, you can go paperless for all your forms. This will save paper, thereby saving you time and money.

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Custom Workflows

You can onboard new employees in only seconds, using our powerful template to build documents once and then reuse them for years to come.

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Organization in Your Data

Our data platform extracts all data intelligently, keeping it organized for you never to worry about data entry from one app to another.

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Compliance Status

In our clear-cut, easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can confirm that your forms are in compliance, receiving reminders whenever there is something that you need to do.

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All Your Templates

You can choose one of our existing templates, create your own from scratch, or load one from an imported PDF. The template-based documents put you in control of your business without putting all of the administrative pressure on your shoulders.

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Line Up Documents

Create a set of documents and then send them in one click. This method is the faster, more straightforward way to distribute documents to your employees so that you can stay in compliance.

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Manage Tasks Easily

Manage Tasks effortlessly. Easy to add tasks, assign, set due dates, and reminders all in the same platform, to create the ideal performance management system for your small business.

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