Bindr.AI Workplace Data Platform Emerges from Stealth, Offering Intuitive, Time-Saving Solution for Employers


Startup also debuts free employee health tracking app as part of a limited beta trial.


Bindr.AI, a Silicon Valley-based technology startup, today announced that it is emerging from stealth mode and launching a limited beta trial for its innovative workplace data platform. As part of the launch, the company is also debuting a free employee health tracking app. The Binder.AI platform offers business managers a single, unified point of control and administration for previously time-consuming workloads like timesheets, health, and document compliance. The company’s goal is to make business management easier by removing time-wasting tasks and empowering managers and employees alike in achieving true, sustainable focus.

“We are going to overturn the old way of doing things,” said Sakthi Kariappan, Founder and CEO of Bindr.AI. “Our platform is for anyone who has ever looked at their schedule and thought that there was just no way they could fit everything in. Bindr can be the secret tool in your kit, waiting for you to take it out whenever pesky administrative work creeps up on you. Our suite of business tools simplifies multiple workforce business processes so that you can keep your focus on the work that matters most to you.”

Kariappan observed the underlying issues when he saw his wife struggle amidst the pandemic to keep on top of administrative workloads as a small business owner. He said, “She was running around everywhere trying to keep the business afloat with things that are not related to her core business. It didn’t make any sense.” As a technologist who has focused on user experience and spent years working with small and medium businesses (SMB), Kariappan felt that there was a potential tech solution. He added, “I thought there has to be a better way to give life back to the business owners; I decided to build a data platform to make the mundane magical and founded Bindr.AI.”

As Kariappan explained, “When apps don’t talk to each other, that passes the pain to the business owner.”. Bindr.AI facilitates connectivity between software applications and data sources. Kariappan engaged with a few trusted engineers and got started. Together, they built the core platform, along with the list of starter apps. The platform is designed to scale, with the company envisioning its suite of tools expanding over time. At launch, the platform provides time capture, workforce management system, health and safety checks, eSignature, form compliance, task-management, and self-service employee functionality. They are in discussions with third-party developers to create additional apps for the platform.

“This last year has shown how critical it is for companies to be on top of employee health matters,” said Sakthi Kariappan, Founder and CEO of Bindr.AI. “If you care about your employees, our health app is a must”. Illness and absenteeism due to health issues can have a negative impact on a business. The Health app on their platform is free for most small business employers. With the app, employers can safeguard and help their employers maintain a safe, healthy workplace.

The platform is affordable, even for the smallest of small businesses that have big requirements like a workforce management system or a time tracking system. As Kariappan put it, “You can set this up in 5 minutes while having a coffee. That’s how long it takes to put the safety checks in place and begin to transform your workplace.”

To register or learn more about the technology, visit or the company’s Facebook page at

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