Create specific workflows and build habits for your business using Bindr.AI Tasks product


Get organized your way to feel calmer and more confident. Tasks learns your behavior to create specific workflows and build habits for your business. This is a crucial app for making the most of Bindr.AI.  It means that the Tasks app is not a simple to-do list you often run into. 

You can create simple workflows, train. Your employees to engage your way and make yourself easy to work with the rest of the Bindr.AI platform.

Here are the many ways you can optimize Tasks and improve your overall experience:

Across all your locations

This apps set up to work across all your locations. It means that you can assign tasks to anyone or assign an action item across all your company. This is also a place holder for further automation we intend to bring in. You can use this as a way to monitor tasks just to see how much past-due etc. 

Delegate to location mangers 

The location manger role allows managing tasks for the location specific employees as well as serve as a dashboard to monitor the local site. This is an effective way of delegating things. Yet another way Tasks works consistently across. Location manager will be able to see alerts and approve/ deny requests directly from the tasks panel.

As a dashboard insights!

Many customers begun to use Tasks as a dashboard to monitor org. 1) Monitor the entire org for past-due. This ensures accountability across location managers and employees. 2) Be able to see alerts across and anything pending giving oversight control. 3) Of course, be able to assign any tasks company wide. 

One time or recurring as a process

Create a one-time to-do for yourself or to one of your employees. Setup quick reminders. Let go of those sticky notes. If you need a recurring reminder or something that needs to be repeated as a process, you can use the recurring daily, weekly, monthly reminders and assign to your employees.  You can track all past-due for you or your entire organization managed efficiently.  

Red Panel alerts 

Tasks uses a bindr.AI RED panel at the top section. The primary intend is to alert anything critical you are about to miss. This is to bring to your attention that something important needs your action.  We make effort to make sure this section is not constantly spammed such that only critical items are presented here. 

Intelligent as card layouts

Alert cards are used to inform you of things that are of high volume. Each app on bindr.AI has one or more cards that can be presented to you. You can click on the cards to run a report for as specific action and take care of the action. This is how Bindr.AI apps communicate to you constantly, so you never have to skim through apps. 

Approve across all apps

All apps follow a consistent communication mechanism and reports to Tasks. It means that nothing goes unnoticed or missed. At bindr.AI we ensure all apps meet this criterion and build in this functionality as part of our approval process.  All alerts, actions as button click reports along with action buttons to make it easy to attend to. 

Your digital transformation intelligently! 

We have created Tasks to tie together all of your apps on Bindr. AI platform. You now know how powerful this single app alone to free you up and feel confident. You can keep yourself always ahead of the day – and focused on your key goals.  Get started with Bindr.AI today!

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