Developing – and Trusting Others to Do the Same


The truth about development is this: super-geniuses are rare, and when talented people come together and collaborate, they can create far more than one super-genius ever could by themselves. As much as we may want to find that one person who can solve all of our problems and who can create any of the tools we are going to need for our business, it is a fool’s errand. The reality of the situation is that when we entrust more people to make contributions, and when we encourage more people to get involved and deploy their creativity, we are going to see greater results. The best software for small businessgives more voices. It’ll generate some extra noise and drive success in a way that small teams never could.

This is, in a nutshell, the reason that we at Bindr believe in developing tools ourselves and incentivizing other developers to do the same. We are humble enough to acknowledge that we cannot do it all. This is the way we deliver the best software for small business needs. 

Instead of trying to do it all, we believe that the correct approach is to encourage development on a large scale. When business owners are able to express their needs, and developers know they stand to earn income whenever they meet those needs, then we are creating a system out of the push-and-pull that keeps any industry interesting. This is how a community based on problem-solving can thrive, drawing on the questions that business owners are eager to get answered – and the answers that developers are eager to put forth.

On its surface, this type of community may seem idealistic. You hear about it and think that it all sounds well and good but why would anyone actually step up and create anything?

There is a simple reason that they would, though: as developers ourselves, we get what other developers want. They would like to do high-quality work in an environment where they know high-quality work is going to pay. That is, therefore, precisely what we have created. On Bindr, developers can create tools, just as we have created the initial set of tools on the platform, and then generate revenue any time a business owner uses them. They can develop as part of a community, using their own super-genius as a piece in the puzzle. One project at a time, they can make a real difference through the creation of the best software for small business requirements while they make a good profit.

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