Finding the Right Tools for Growth and Success


It is a crucial mistake, and one that almost everyone makes at some point. Call it confirmation bias: when we are looking at something, it is the only thing for which we look. We see a problem with our employee shift tracking, and rather than viewing it as one problem among many, we view it as the only problem that is ever going to come up. What happens, then, is that we miss out on all of the other obstacles ahead of us. We either spend our entire development budget solving that problem or fall for the “all-in-one” myth – only realizing much later that “all-in-one” was an impossible promise, one that did not cover the challenges that were in our future.

What do you do then?

For many businesses, this has been an existential problem. Because it has been so easy for leaders to make the wrong decisions about their tools, they have put themselves in untenable, unsustainable situations. They have missed out on all their potential for growth and success, all because they could not tell the future.

It sounds unfair, right? After all, none of us can tell the future.

Here is how we think it ought to go for small business software: 

When you run into a new small business need, you should be able to describe it, in detail, and tap into a community of developers who are looking to monetize their skills. Knowing that if they meet your need, they are creating small business software that other businesses are going to need as well. They are operating from a clear and lucrative incentive.

You get your tool, and they set themselves up for recurring revenue.

Best of all? You are not spending massive amounts of capital on getting the tools that you need. Instead, you pay a subscription for the tools that you need, including the ones that you describe for developers.

From there, it does not matter what comes up. It does not matter if you miss a problem early on. As soon as you realize a new business need, all you need to do is describe it. You explain what is going on with your community – and as close to magic as you can expect in this world, you get exactly what you need. Crucial mistakes averted, and obstacles overcome, you can continue to build your business and thrive.

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