How to Improve The Productivity Of Your Employees?


Employees are the base of a company because they are the ones who have high responsibility. A company cannot work properly if it does not have a good number of qualities employees. Moreover, in recent years, the productivity of employees has declined due to a number of reasons.

Here you will know what employee productivity is, why it is essential, and how it produces productivity.

Employee Productivity: What It Is?

Productivity refers to the amount of work produced by an employee over a given period of time. For example, a company that produces cotton needs to know how many bales of cotton each employee can produce in a given period of time.

Why is Employee Productivity Essential?

Employee productivity is the number one factor of whether or not a company will succeed. If your employees are productive, then you can expect to earn more money than if they were unproductive, which would ultimately cause the business to fail. Productivity means taking pride in what you do and maximizing each opportunity that comes across your path throughout the day.

How to Increase Employees’ Productivity?

If you want to increase employees’ productivity, you should consider the following steps:

1. Better Workplace Environment

To increase employees’ productivity, you need to ensure that they work in a good environment. Ensure that there is enough natural light in the office. This will make the employees focus on their work more and also include plants in your office. Dull offices make an employee sleepy and they will not feel like doing their job. This will make them more productive and comfortable.

2. Enhance Emailing Practices

Studies show that we spend most of our time on emails. You can tell your employees to spare some time every day, where you will give instructions via emails and try to stick with this time frame. Try to keep your emails short and also avoid emailing your employees at night, except in case of an emergency. This will increase their anxiety level and reduce the chances of your employees performing well.

3. Try to Reduce the Meeting Durations

Meetings are often unproductive. Try to email your employees, which is a faster way to communicate, and hold important meetings within a shorter time span of 15-20 minutes. A simple rule of thumb: If there is no clear outcome you plan to accomplish, skip the meeting. 

4. Adjustable Schedules

Every person’s productivity rate and productivity timings are different from each other. Some may be active in the day time while the others may work well during the night shift. People have different time zones of productivity. Here, it would help if you made a flexible schedule for your employees as your business permits. 

This creates the care, trust which turns into loyalty to your business and ultimately, an improved bottom-line. 

5. Employee Training

Employees’ training makes them aware of their goals and increases their productivity. You can provide training in different ways. It is important to pay attention to mishaps in the workplace and see if trainings can alleviate such instances. 

6. On-the-job Training

On-the-job training helps employees learn their job by actually doing the job. It means training a person at an actual job location.

7. Self-Service

Employee self-service portal is a technology that helps employees handle many administrative tasks independently. Employees self-service can help access employee-related information through an intranet. This will increase their confidence hence making them more productive.

Let the employee work alone!

The employee will work more productively when working alone, not by a supervisor continually watching them. Also, let the employee track their work and their performance. In this way, they will know how well they are performing. You have to search for the best task management app

You should establish a workforce management system and find a way for your employee to be more comfortable in communicating. For example, some may reply well and faster to messages and emails, while others may be efficient in answering their phones.

8. Self-Care

Encouraging your employees to take care of themselves is the same as encouraging them to take care of their tasks or projects. You should make sure that the employees know all the benefits the company is giving them. This way, they will see that they have to work hard for the company and to benefit from it.

9. A Good System

When the information that needs to be communicated to your employees is not easily delivered and not made consumable, the employees spend time navigating all that which causes distraction and effects productivity. This is often overlooked, but a good system can make a world of difference. 


If you understand the importance of employees’ productivity for the company’s success, you will need to take the proper steps to improve productivity. In addition, Bindr software can be used to improve the workplace, provide a flexible schedule, allow employees to self-serve.

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