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Operating an accounting or CPA business is not for the faint of heart. Compliance, tax laws, and regulations are your day-to-day challenges. But we also understand that where most CPAs struggle is with the competition of cloud-based subscription solutions when working for small businesses. Representing yourself on the basis either as a payroll service company or provider of payroll service and solutions is dated. It can be particularly challenging to create new and improved ways for your customers to self-service as a CPA.

Our apps for payroll service solutions, amongst other apps, will help you automate low-value and high engagement tasks, and in turn, offer greater value and specialized services to your customers. That’s what we help you do! Our services help your clients promptly deliver timesheets, offer an employee self-service solution that offsets the operation of running payroll and performing bookkeeping tasks, and managing HR onboarding and offboarding.

Best of all, as we continue to grow, we keep CPAs in mind, developing and adding new apps that help your clients work with you. While there is stiff competition from commoditized software platforms, we think there is a tremendous opportunity for CPAs like you to be the trusted partner for their clients. By supporting your clients in their success and pointing them in the direction they are moving, while keeping the balance on self-service for your clients, you can continue to be their trusted provider.

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Do you find yourself struggling to remember multiple log-ins for your data tools? With Bindr, that’s a thing of the past! Our single sign-on platform lets you access all your tools in a single spot. Log in with either Google SSO or your chosen sign-on user credentials, easily!

Bindr.AI is all about simplicity. That’s why our tool gathers the input data your business needs as you work! Eliminate endless stacks of data forms. Instead, access one platform where all your data lives and never worry about entering data for hours on end.

Your clients cannot afford data and security breaches. That’s why we fully secure every piece of data you share through Bindr.AI. Our industry-leading security triple secures your data giving you the peace of mind to safely operate your business.

Bindr Is An Accountant & CPA’s Dream!

What if you could easily integrate all the tools you use into a single platform? What if you could dramatically reduce the time you spend over a keyboard entering countless pieces of data into multiple apps? Could you use a bit of a break from tedious administrative tasks? If so, you’re going to fall in love with Bindr.AI. Our fully automated platform lets you access your data at any time, quickly automate low value, high engagement tasks, and increase the value of your specialized services all with Bindr. Instead of spending endless hours on easily automated tasks, Bindr helps you spend more time honing your specialized services. Best of all, you still get access to all the help you need for running payroll and other mundane tasks for your clients while continuing to profit from our tools! That’s right! You can continue to charge your clients for automated services while looking for new ways to monetize your payroll service company when you sign up for Bindr.AI.

Our platform can help your business automate and operate the following services…


Improve Your Administrative Flow with Bindr

Bindr is an all-in platform that radically simplifies your administrative tasks through an ever-evolving selection of apps. Our streamlined process makes it easy for you to operate the everyday aspects of running your business, especially aspects of running a payroll service company among other things.

Our platform also gives you access to…

AI Insights — Tap into AI-powered insights and alerts about important aspects of your business without secondary apps.
Employee Self-Service —Your employees are put in the driver’s seat thanks to our self-service portals.
Ever-Evolving Features —Instead of spending hours updating your systems for a singular feature, Bindr evolves continuously by adding new apps & tools for you.
It’s never been easier to automate your small business. Whether you’re looking for support for employee management, bookkeeping services, payroll service solutions, or to connect with a better HR platform, Bindr.AI is the right choice.


Discover How Bindr Can Support Your Firm

Our team understands the challenges you face as a small business owner. And we do what it takes to provide the tools and features to help you overcome them. If you’re ready to reduce your hours at the office, want to maximize your revenue, and simplify your business, it’s time to sign up with Bindr.

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