This isn't An Easy Time to Be in Healthcare. Bindr Can Help.


Healthcare-based businesses are going through it all right now. As the world continues to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare has been radically changed. Even without a pandemic, however, running a small business in the healthcare niche is challenging. Compliance, day-to-day operations, patient demands, and dealing with insurance companies can leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Relying on a payroll service company or provider of payroll service and solutions is outdated. You need a modern system.

We Feel Your Pain.

As small business owners, we fully appreciate the challenges you face and know how important reliable automated administration is for your business.

That’s Why We Created Bindr

Bindr data and our open marketplace platform simplifies your most important administrative tasks, easily.

Apps to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Bindr.AI is a web-based platform that maintains your healthcare business’ data, integrates your systems, and automates your personnel management. Automation is the quickest way to reduce your stress and to help your healthcare business run itself. Instead of spending hours every single day inputting data or paying to have that done, you can turn the task over to the Bindr platform. Here’s how Bindr makes running your business easier.

Never again fumble through multiple passwords to access the data tools you use. With Bindr, you use a single sign-on credential to access your data and your preferred apps. Choose from either Google SSO or your given single sign-on user credentials. Run your business, your way!

Bindr.AI works while you work, gathering the input data your business needs. Bindr.AI ensures automation to collect all the data and creates one consistent copy of your data. Forget about the endless stack of data forms you’re used to. As soon as you start using Bindr, all your data is in a single, digital location.

In the healthcare industry, security is non-negotiable. That’s why every piece of data that comes through Bindr is 100% secure. We use the latest security technology to ensure your data is safe. You can confidently integrate the apps and tools you use to manage your business, with Bindr.

Bindr Is The Perfect Partner for Your Healthcare HR Needs

Healthcare has changed dramatically. Every business that offers a health-related service is now dealing with massive changes, from telehealth to cybersecurity, adoption challenges are abundant. Invoicing and payment processing, too, have become a thorn in the side of small healthcare businesses. Pricing transparency and creating an enjoyable patient experience have also become a struggle.

Administrative Task

Add to this other administrative tasks like bookkeeping for healthcare, employee management, or trying to figure out the best payroll software for your small business needs, you might be pulling your hair out trying to operate your business.

Administrative Task

The good news is, whether you’re looking for compliance, seamless electronic documents, or need
in-depth HR payroll support, we are here to help.

Administrative Task

Bindr is completely different from what you might be used to. For example, does this sound like a familiar experience to you?

Administrative Task

You log into 5-10 different apps to enter data. You access a payroll software here or an app for bookkeeping over there. In the middle of all the chaos, you just barely remember to invoice your small business clients!

Administrative Task

By the time you’re through, you’ve spent 2-3 hours doing basic administrative work!

Administrative Task

You’re too tired to enjoy time with your family, and you still feel behind.

Administrative Task

You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created our software for small businesses like yours.

Administrative Task

Our software platform reduces the headache of traditional administrative work and time-sucking tasks.

Bindr is perfect for the following healthcare-related businesses

All Your Administrative Management Needs In a Single Location

Other administrative software solutions come with a closed system of products that offer limited integration choices. Not Bindr. We’re different. We work on one set of data with a varied marketplace of 3rd party apps, all built for our platform. This lets you access the perfect solution with the click of a button.

We Go Beyond Payroll

Payroll is important, but what if you could access all the tools you need in one spot—not just payroll support? You don’t have to do it all yourself. Bindr makes sure you don’t. Our platform sets you up with payroll software for small business which gives you stress-free success, armed with all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

If you’re sick of dealing with multiple apps and data streams and just want a tool that works for your healthcare business, it’s time to sign up for Bindr. Manage your data in a single platform, reduce the confusion and headache over running your business, and focus on giving patients the experience they want, all with our platform.

Not sure if Bindr is right for your business?

Then sign up for a FREE demo of our platform to find out!

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