No more manual data entry, No more stress, No more inefficiency. Bindr.AI is here for your rescue


Do you know data entry is one of the main obstacles for digital transformation? Are you still manually inputting date? It is time to end manual data entry and go for true automation. This is the data management platform called Bindr.AI.

You can’t go digital and still be paper based. You can not accelerate digital transformation without eliminating manual data entry. At bind.AI, data is at the core and therefore it is called the data platform first.  All other apps seamlessly share data you are setting for long term success. 

Zero IT solution

Zero IT enables seamless automation. More automation means less the data entry. Self-service, cloud, and single data sources are all critical components to your success, made available on our platform. Finally, you can become the IT department you always wanted for your business. With Bindr.AI, you do not need to build expensive IT or consultants or data entry across multiple departments to find your digital transformation., After all, there is no manual at Bindr.AI. 

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is paperless on Bindr.AI.  Our digital onboarding ensures all the signatures and form data collection is done automatically. Also, all the data collected is stored against their records under Bindr.AI. No stress. No copy over. No missing or typo(s). It puts the accuracy of the date in the hands of your employees.  This includes your federal and state forms, direct deposit authorization etc. 

Employee Kiosks

Easy to install Kiosk can be set up at each location. It is a simple copy and paste of the URL on any shared computer you prefer your employees use. Once it is set up, the kiosk becomes another automation tool to capture timecards, health compliance and more. In the future, Bindr.AI’s employee management software will evolve to send forms and any sign off directly presented on the Kiosk expediting your data collection.

Document Compliance

All your HR and compliance documents now can be delivered digitally. Reminders are sent out periodically to ensure compliance.  You not only go paperless but also eliminate keeping track of the forms on a physical binder. It is easy to find wherever you need and be able to look at the signature time so that you have an audit trail in case a compliance situation arises. No data entry. You can be assured to find the document signed easily. More efficient to operate any number of locations. 

Single data source

This is not the same as locking your data to one vendor. Bindr.AI is a data platform first, supported with digital inputs consistently every step of the day across all the apps on Bindr.AI. It means one thing: ensure your data is coherent, eliminate duplication, avoid data entry again and again, and save hours of your valuable time.  With Bindr.AI keeping the data together as one set, an App Store with a growing number of apps that work together. You no longer need to copy over data. 

Auto sync Apps

When your data is disjointed, you are in for trouble from the beginning. You don’t need multiple systems. You need a system that allows multiple apps that work seamlessly with one another sharing your common set of data and adding any new data as a shareable data. This is fundamentally how Bindr.AI work eliminating data duplication and data entry. Bindr.AI frees you up and gives you the confidence to adopt applications you need with its data syncing automatically leaving you stress-free. 

Operational Efficiency

It goes without saying: less you do, more automation, the higher the efficiency of your operation. This is what Bindr.AI does every step of the way structurally.  Thrive while others are struggling, optimizing all of your work processes and uncovering new levels of efficiency for your team. Rather than burdening yourself with stress, you can focus on the creative side of your business and reduce your expenses. True efficiency only happens through optimization. That is what is on offer here.

Your stress-free digital Transformation!

Digital transformation can’t wait – As more companies entering a new phase in the economy, leverage the technology to run all aspects of your business one at a time. From people, time and attendance, payroll, documents to compliance, automate and go completely digital. No more copying data over, data silo, and manual entry. 

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