Use Case: Document Compliance


Complete your work sooner, eliminate paper, and get the legally-binding signatures you need. Our data platform is always in compliance, setting you free from the forms that would usually eat up a huge segment of your time. From now on, you are going digital. Step into the future using online forms with electronic signatures!

In a digital world, the digital players excel. That can be you, on Bindr.AI.


"We used a lot of paper, and we took a lot of time. Not anymore, thanks to the paperless model on Bindr.AI."

  • Always in Compliance – Our data platform sets you free from the forms that would usually eat up a huge segment of your time. It’s all digital, and it’s all simple.
  • Templates – Get preset templates for the most common tasks. Simply select the one you need, send it to one or more people in your organization, and track the status.
  • Go Paperless – From onboarding, you can go paperless for all your forms. Eliminate printing, scanning, and tracking from your task list. Online forms with electronic signatures will save paper, time, and money.
  • Onboarding – It is a breeze to onboard new hires. Our customers use our electronic forms for everything from offer letters to compliance documents as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Compliance – In our clear-cut, easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can confirm that your forms are in compliance, receiving reminders when something is missing or incomplete.
  • Legally-Binding Signature – Most notably, we use a secure digital/electronic signature capture that is legally binding. Millions trust our effortless, secure signature system.
  • Bulk Send – Send out individual form requests to an entire company without typing anything. It only takes one click.
  • Reporting – Get valuable insights about the forms you are sending, signing, and receiving – all searchable and available at a moment’s notice.

"Staying compliant is critical to our business, and we're doing that more easily than ever. What more could we ask for! - Renee"

Get the mundane tasks behind you.

Go Digital! Stay Compliant!

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