Use Case: Employee Kiosks


Kiosk puts data collection on autopilot, automating all your daily trackers. We have built this app to scale, serving as a geo-fence that saves you the time you would otherwise spend on collecting information.

No more manual entry, syncing issues, or approvals from supervisors.


"It is tough to make sure everyone is doing what they need to do. Kiosk has simplified all of that for us, thankfully. - Ken"

  • This simple digital time tracking tool runs on any internet-enabled device or tablet, by linking it to your existing TSheets account. Everyone on your team can come and go easily, thanks to our 4-digit PINs. It’s just that simple! Now you can trade the annoyances of traditional clock-ins for a highly efficient employee self-service portal!
  • Data collection – Automate your data collection via Kiosk. It stores your employees’ information, allowing them to access it as necessary.
  • Shared application – This is an easy-access tool for everyday businesses that take the monotony out of clock-ins. Collect and report data in a non-intrusive way.
  • Reliable Security – A unique URL created at onboarding affords you the peace-of-mind you need for storing such sensitive data.
  • Cloud native – Like everything else we do at Bindr.AI, this is cloud software that requires no installation. Simply open the browser of your choice, launch the URL, and sign in.
  • Instant sync – All the information Kiosk collects syncs automatically to your cloud account, whether you get it via the browser or the mobile app.
  • Contactless Kiosk – To increase adoption, activate our contactless feature from your employer account. The Kiosk instantly turns into a contactless kiosk so that your employees can use their smartphones to clock in.
  • Smart Clock-Ins – Attendance enforcement features include geolocation restrictions, QR codes, and selfie clock-ins, to help prevent buddy punching and ensure everyone is where they should be.

"We used to wonder if everyone on the team was working to their potential. Thanks to Kiosk, we know. - Sylvia"

Kiosk is available at no additional cost. See what you can do for your business by using this employee self service portal to automate your daily check-ins.

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