Use Case: Zero IT solution


You do not need to build expensive IT or hire consultants to find your digital transformation. At Bindr.AI, you can future-proof your organization without expensive systems by getting ahead of the curve today. Be it the need for an employee self-service portal or a workforce management system, Bindr has an all-in problem-solving approach to any business need.
Finally, you can become the IT department you always wanted for your business.


"We knew we needed to go digital, but we didn't know how. Who can afford the going rates for IT help these days? Bindr.AI was everything we wanted and more. - Tom "

  • Great IT, Low Cost – At Bindr.AI, you can drive digital transformation and future-proof your organization without expensive systems. Self-service, cloud, and single data sources are all critical components to your success, made available on our platform.
  • Install and Downloads – Downloading, installing, updating, and patching are things of the past. Eliminate those steps: all your apps are subscription-based, activating instantly in the cloud.
  • Instant Backups – Because we operate in the cloud, our system replicates and maintains multiple copies of your data to ensure that it is safe, recoverable, and fully available.
  • Security – All our systems go through rigorous testing to make sure no one breaks in. Your data is in excellent hands when you adopt Bindr.AI.
  • No Maintenance – You don’t need IT support and servers, reducing the costs of support and freeing up your capital for business growth.
  • Delegate Intelligently – Instead of putting yourself at the center of your business, you can trust your team to do what you know they can do. Team coordination has never been this seamless with an employee self-service portal at your fingertips!
  • Minimal Footprint – Cutting out paperwork and expensive closed software systems, you are going to spend less on rent and other real-estate expenses.

"I wanted digital, but I didn't want to spend "digital" money – you know? That's why I went with Bindr.AI. It does everything an IT team would have done and more, at a fraction of the cost. "

Your digital transformation, powered by Bindr.AI, is going to change the way you and your team think about your business forever.

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