You won’t lose valuable data while Migrating apps within Bindr.AI platform


What’s the biggest obstacle to migrating software today? How often do you hear that someone tried to switch to a new platform or a software application, they lost their data on migration either entirely or partially? After all, technology is supposed to work for you and make your lives easier. 

When you are faced with the migration nightmare, you are afraid to switch over to a new software let alone adopt additional software tools often you need to continue to drive digital transformation.  Many end up getting stuck with what they got and procrastinate change. When you do end up taking the risk and decide to change, you end up spending days and weeks living the nightmare and end up with something suboptimal. 

There are a few problems with how the software is built today and delivered to you. 

1. 99% of the software tools or toolkits are built for one thing. 

2. Every software maintains their own database. 

3. DIY integration that claims to make everything possible.

4. Monolithic closed systems don’t scale and get outdated quickly. 

5. Finding an app is a landmine as you don’t know what would work well with the rest of your tools. 

At Bindr.AI, we ask the question: why people lose data and how can we remove this obstacle so that it is a joy to adopt the tools you need easily.

Single data source

This is not the same as locking your data to one vendor. Bindr.AI is a data management platform first, supported with digital inputs consistently every step of the day across all the apps on Bindr.AI. It means one thing: ensure your data is coherent, eliminate duplication, avoid data entry again and over, and save hours of your valuable time.  With Bindr.AI keeping the data together as one set, an App Store with a growing number of apps that work together, there is no such a thing as data migration or data-loss. You no longer fear changing or adopting apps as you need when you need them. 

All-in approach

It’s time to face facts: there is no such thing as all-in-one. If someone claims their product is an all-in-one, they don’t mean what you would like them to mean. All-in-one is impossible, and it’s not preferable either. What is preferable is to know that when you run into a need, help is available to you. Not all-in-one, but all within reach. That way, you can feel confident that as challenges come up, you can adapt and grow. Who needs all-in-one when you’re all in on the right community? At last, you don’t have to entertain multiple disconnected systems. 

Every app is built right and in full

Your vendors start with one focal point, and then they turn into all-in-one. It means that they do one or a few things right and the rest is dressed up normally but incomplete for a good experience. You face the dilemma, and you end up getting multiple systems and then you create yourself a problem. Do you see it?  At Bindr, every app is built for the Bindr.AI data platform. The apps understand Bindr.AI data model therefore ensuring the apps are optimized for Bindr.AI and built to work together, the same way your iOS apps are built for your phones. 

Auto sync your data and apps 

When your data is disjointed, you are in for trouble from the beginning. You don’t need multiple systems. You need a system that allows multiple apps that work seamlessly with one another sharing your common set of data and adding any new data as a shareable data. This is fundamentally how Bindr.AI works: eliminating data duplication, migration issues and data-loss. Bindr.AI frees you up and gives you the confidence to adopt applications you need with its data syncing automatically.

Let go of the worries and begin your digital transformation the Bindr.AI way!

You’re in charge of your business. No one is going to deny that. Of course, that doesn’t just mean you get to boss people around. It also means you are responsible for the direction that the business takes. If anything goes wrong, you are the one who has to answer for it. To make sure you don’t run into any serious problems, you need to get the right tools and cultivate the right habits. Run your business the intelligent way. Get Started with Bindr.AI!

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