Your Role in a Thriving Community


Many business owners dread the day that they have to contract a developer. Their pursuit of the best software for small business automated tasks usually ends in disappointment. The only option, which may be an expensive one, is keeping a developer on the payroll. What happens, then, is suboptimal development. Because they are going into the process assuming the worst, they set themselves up for a negative experience. They are not opening themselves to the process – and with good reason. For a long time, development has been nothing more than a giant cost center for most businesses, solving only a fraction of their problems while eating through their profits.

A community approach changes all of that.

When you are part of a community, there is a different tone. One in which you as a business owner are participating in something meaningful. Even though you are still a customer to the developers, you are also part of something, right alongside them. You are communicating your business needs, and they are listening to them. The two of you are taking on complementary roles: you rely on each other, instead of eating through your profit, developers are counting on you to point them towards the most lucrative development opportunities.

Meanwhile, the platform that hosts the community is encouraging both of these complementing roles. You benefit, both from the initial tools available on the platform and from your access to the developers in the community, while the developers benefit from the recurring revenue they can generate any time they create a tool that a lot of businesses are going to use. They are not taking on one-and-done projects, but deploying products for which they will receive payment on an ongoing basis, according to a subscription model.

The platform is a connector. It is not through force that it works – but through positive motivation. Your role in this thriving community happens automatically. All you need to do is act on behalf of your business. You speak up when you encounter a new obstacle, and you use the resources that are available to you. It is the simplicity of the community that makes it so potent.

Welcome to optimal development, freed from the bulky overhead that in-house teams cost, made more efficient through large-scale distribution. On Bindr.AI, you reap rewards just by doing what you would do otherwise, in a more direct and better thought-out manner. There is a reason why Bindr.AI is the best platform, with the best software for small business.

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